Fence Shopping 101: How to Pick the Right Fence for Your Home


So, you’re thinking about getting a fence for your place. Maybe you want to keep your dog from wandering off, or you’re just looking for some more privacy. 

Whatever the reason, we’ve got your back. Choosing a fence doesn’t have to be overwhelming – it’s kind of like picking a hairstyle that suits your face. 

To give you an idea, here is what you need to know about fencing to make sure you end up with a fence that not only looks good but also does the job.

Explore Fencing Materials

First things first, let’s looks into the different types of fences you can get.

There’s wood, which gives off that classic, cozy vibe and you can paint it or stain it to match your house. Then there’s vinyl, which is like the easygoing buddy that doesn’t need a lot of attention. Aluminum is strong yet lightweight, perfect if you’re into that sleek, modern look. 

Chain link fences are like the jeans of the fence world – simple, practical, and good for many situations. And if you’re going for a touch of elegance, there’s wrought iron that adds a classy touch to your property.

What’s Your Fencing Goal?

It’s kind of like deciding if you want a bike to ride around the neighborhood or a car for those longer trips. 

Are you looking to create a safe space for your kids and pets to play around? If that’s the case, a fence without any gaps, like wood or vinyl, might be your best bet. Or maybe you just want some peace and quiet – in that case, a tall wooden fence could be your shield from the outside world.

You can only get the right kind of fence supplies if you know what you want from your fence.

Dealing with Rules and Regulations

Before you start dreaming about your perfect fence, take a look at the local guidelines. 

Think of it as reading the instructions before putting together furniture. Zoning laws, homeowner association rules, and local codes might have some say in how high your fence can be, where it can go, and what it can look like. 

So, before you fall in love with a certain fence style, make sure it’s allowed in your neighborhood.

How Much Effort Are You Willing to Put In?

Fence maintenance, it’s like taking care of a pet. Different fence materials have different needs, kind of like different pets need different care. Vinyl and aluminum fences are like those low-maintenance pets that don’t demand much attention. 

Chain link fences also fall into the low-maintenance category, which is great if you’re a busy bee. Wood fences need a bit more care, like tending to a garden. And if you’re thinking about a wrought iron fence, keep in mind that it might need a bit more love to prevent rust.

Find Something that Matches With Your Wallet

Fences come in different price ranges, just like hotels or restaurants. While going for the cheapest option might seem like a good idea, remember that quality matters. 

Think of it like buying a good pair of shoes instead of the super cheap ones that wear out quickly. Take into account the initial cost of the fence, installation, and any potential maintenance down the road. Sometimes spending a little more upfront can save you headaches and extra costs later on.