What equipment do I need to start a cleaning business?


Starting a cleaning business can be a fulfilling venture that offers flexibility and the satisfaction of seeing tangible results from your work. Whether you’re considering launching a residential cleaning service or aiming for commercial contracts, having the right equipment is essential to delivering quality service efficiently.

Here’s a guide to the basic equipment you’ll need to get started.

Vacuum Cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner is indispensable for any cleaning business. Look for one that is sturdy and efficient, capable of handling different surfaces from carpets to hardwood floors. A vacuum with attachments for corners and upholstery can make your job easier and ensure thorough cleaning.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are a must-have for dusting and wiping surfaces. They are effective at trapping dust and dirt without leaving streaks or lint behind. Invest in a variety of sizes and colors to designate for different areas or types of cleaning tasks.

Mop and Bucket

For cleaning floors, a mop and bucket are essential. Opt for a durable mop that can handle frequent use and various types of flooring. A bucket with a wringer helps to keep the mop head clean and ensures the right amount of water is applied to the floor.

Metal Broom Bracket

A Metal Broom Bracket is essential for organizing and storing brooms and mops securely. Mount it on a wall to keep your cleaning tools neatly stored and easily accessible.

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles filled with cleaning solutions are versatile tools for spot cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Label them clearly to avoid cross-contamination and ensure safety.

Cleaning Solutions

Stock up on cleaning solutions suitable for different surfaces such as glass, countertops, and bathroom fixtures. Eco-friendly options are increasingly popular and can appeal to environmentally conscious clients.

Rubber Gloves

Protect your hands with sturdy rubber gloves when handling cleaning chemicals and dirty surfaces. Look for gloves that are comfortable and durable for extended wear.

Plastic Bucket

A 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket is versatile for carrying cleaning supplies from room to room and storing larger quantities of water or cleaning solutions. Choose one with a sturdy handle and pour spout for convenience.

Scrub Brushes

Scrub brushes come in handy for tackling tough stains and grime in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas. Opt for brushes with ergonomic handles and durable bristles suitable for different surfaces.

Step Ladder

A step ladder is necessary for reaching high surfaces such as shelves, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Choose a ladder that is stable and easy to maneuver around different spaces.


Equipping yourself with the right tools is crucial for starting a successful cleaning business. By investing in quality equipment like vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths, and cleaning solutions, you can ensure efficient cleaning and customer satisfaction.

Remember to prioritize safety with protective gear like rubber gloves and to keep your tools organized with items like a metal broom and a plastic bucket. With these essentials in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to provide reliable cleaning services and build a loyal client base.